Brian William Dove

Antiphons: Red Westerns

red westerns

Red Westerns is a collection of songs written and recorded during the summer of 2014, after I spent three months living and working on a farm in Corbett, Oregon. The songs are mostly instrumental and served as a form of personal reflection on my experiences on and off the farm.

All songs written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Brian Dove at the McCallum House, Montreat, NC.

released September 26, 2014

Album artwork by Brian Dove.

The Pilgrim's Regress: Arbol Hru

arbol hru

Six long years after our first release, "Awake!", The Pilgrim's Regress (Brian Dove and Steve Berkenkemper) awoke with a short EP called "Arbol Hru". The album was almost entirely self-produced, with help of the mastering expertise of Stephen Cunsolo. The result is an experimental, pseudo-science fiction concept album loosely based on the novel "Out of the Silent Planet" from C.S. Lewis' sci-fi trilogy.

released August 8th, 2014

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Steve Berkenkemper and Brian Dove. Mixing by Steve Berkenkemper. Mastering by Stephen Cunsolo.

Album Artwork by Brian Dove

Antiphons: West Virginia Terrace

West Virginia Terrace

After receiving my Bachelor's Degree from VCU in December of 2013, I spent a month at my family's home near the Cacapon River in West Virginia before a two month trip to Oregon and Northern California. "West Virginia Terrace" is a short EP that came out of my time there and was recorded in my bedroom.

released February 8th, 2014

All songs written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Brian Dove at the Dove family home, Forks of Cacapon, WV.

Album Artwork by Brian Dove.

Anatomia: sound design

The Donors

Anatomia is an interactive installation that uses the Xbox Kinect to allow users to navigate several virtual spaces using their body as a control interface. The virtual spaces are inspired by different parts of the human body (including the brain, stomach, and heart). I created the sounds for this piece, as well as a small amount of 3D modeling. It was installed at First Friday in Richmond, VA in late 2012 during the InLight Festival and in the 2013 Student Exhibitions at VCU's Anderson Gallery. Click the image to watch documentation of the piece.

Interface design by Omri Glaser

3D modeling by David Reinhold, Sean Ruecroft, and Crixell Matthews

Programming by Shaun Donachy

Texturing by Mary Ann Matel

Sound design by Brian Dove

The Donors: score for film

The Donors

In 2011, my band, Brother Wolf, wrote and recorded an original score for a short film called "The Donors" by Mike Buchbauer. I co-wrote the music and played guitar and clarinet on the recordings. From Buchbauer's website:

'In the year 2051, global warfare has forced the last remains of civilization underground. Fortified in a network of subterranean bunkers, survivors look to advancements in science and medicine to rescue humanity from the brink of extinction. Isolated in a dark hospital complex, a nurse and her patient face the reality of a new caste system in which one's status dictates their continued value to the new society.'

Click the image to watch the first five minutes of the film.

Antiphons: Lost Moth EP

Lost Moth EP

Antiphons is the name I have given to the music I write on my own, aside from the bands I play in. While living in the mountains of North Carolina during the summer of 2013, I began recording a full length album. In a tragic file transferring accident, I lost all of the ProTools files for the entire album. These few rough mixes are the best of what I was left with. Click the image to listen to the Lost Moth EP.

released 25 August 2013

All songs performed, recorded, and mixed by Brian Dove at the McCallum House, Montreat, NC except "Orchard Graves" which was recorded at my home in Richmond, VA.

Album artwork by Brian Dove.

Brother Wolf: AuxSend

Brother Wolf is a band some friends of mine and I formed during our college years in Richmond, Virginia. We spent a little over three years writing and playing shows around town. Click the image for recordings from our episode of Aux Send.

Brother Wolf is...

Brian Dove // guitar, vocals

Tommy Terrell // guitar, vocals, glockenspiel

Miriam Weirich // cello

Jessika Turner // vocals

Matt Stinnett // keyboard, percussion

Ashling: Overgrown EP

Ashling is an experimental noise-metal band I played with in college. We had a lot of fun, wrote some songs, made some noise, and swam in a lake a whole bunch of times. Click the image to listen to the Overgrown EP.

Ashling is...

Paris Page // vocals

Tommy Terrell // guitar, vocals

Brian Dove // bass

Wilson Cox // drums